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Beth Camp: What Were the Chances?

Novelist Beth Camp
Novelist Beth Camp

Historical novelist Beth Camp and I have been friends since she was my first master teacher at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon back in the early nineties. We worked together as colleagues and friends for seventeen years, then she and her novelist husband Allen Dorfman (Reaching: A Vietnam War Novel) first up and retired and then up and moved to Spokane, and that was pretty much the last I saw of them lo these quite a few years ago now. We keep up on Facebook and G+, but that’s about it.

So really, what were the chances I’d walk into the Stehekin Bakery, accessible only by launch or float plane at the mountainous head of fifty-five mile long Lake Chelan, and run into Allen and Beth?

Within minutes, I had Beth sitting in front of my iPhone video doing an on-the-spot interview. No second takes; we hugged good-bye, both astonished by such an unlikely, serendipitous, and welcome encounter.

“The world is speaking to us in signs and symbols; a deeper order of events reveals itself through the play of synchronicity.”
–Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles

What I love about Beth Camp’s writing is first, of course, her careful characterization of Dierdre and Mac, her protagonists, and, yes, her tight, exciting plot as Dierdre searches for and finds Mac after he’s been shipped to Australia as a felon and against all odds they find a home there, but for me, what I love is her fanaticism for research that page after page yields the precise, telling detail. Years of Stone is a rich, emotional read; highly recommended! (My review)

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All my life, the ultimate vacation was unstructured reading time. It was absolutely the best part of being a kid. I am now a newly retired college writing teacher, and suddenly I have long, luxurious afternoons to do nothing but read. The name of this website, “Books my Friends have Written” came to me in a dream, although I write about any book I want to. I am also an arts reviewer on KLCC, NPR for Oregonians.

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