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Mara Fields: Magical and mundane; delight and danger

Mara Fields, author of The Bleaken Series
Mara Fields, author of The Bleaken Series

Matchmaker of Magics is a surprising book—perhaps it wouldn’t be too much to say astonishing. Mara Fields has imagined a world I love to live in, a world both magical and mundane, full of both delight and danger, a world imagined with all five senses wide open.

Mara Fields is the author of Matchmaker of Magics
Mara Fields is the author of Matchmaker of Magics

Fields makes this world easy to enter at a goat farm where heroine Sacha lives with her lively family and her own budding magical powers.

The story arc carries the reader from farm to city, from poverty to royalty. It follows Sacha on her dramatic journey from girlhood to young womanhood as she learns about, explores, and tests her magic in increasingly high-stakes encounters with the villain.

What I love most about this book, what makes it something a great deal more special than the next fantasy novel on the shelf, is Fields’ imagining of multiple kinds of magic: Savage, Affinity, Structured. In this world, each has historically been delineated from the other—it takes our heroine to innovate forbidden hybrid magics. And she does so in very specific, well described ways so the reader understands what is happening when an action scene tests those new magics.

The title, Matchmaker of Magics, becomes clear in its meaning as Sacha begins to match different kinds of magic to innovative ends.

As the series of books progress, the reader sees Sacha setting out on a dual quest—one to solve a kidnapping mystery, the other to restore a very ancient wrong done to the entire magical world itself.

This is the kind of book that when you’re finished, you first ask, “Where’s the next one in the series?” And secondly, you ask, “Who can I share this book with?” In my case, I think my mother would love to be surprised by Matchmaker of Magics appearing on her Kindle.

Who will YOU gift a copy of Matchmaker of Magics to when you finish reading it?

NOTE: The second in the Bleaken Series, Hunt for Redemption is now available.

Hunt for Redemption is the second in the Bleaken Series

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