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This is where the book review process begins: in the hammock.
This is where the book review process begins: in the hammock.

All my life, the ultimate vacation was unstructured reading time. It was absolutely the best part of being a kid. I am now a newly retired college writing teacher, and suddenly I have long, luxurious afternoons to do nothing but read. The name of this website, “Books My Friends Have Written” came to me in a dream, although I write about any book I want to.

I am unapologetic about the directions of my reading. I make no effort to do anything politically correct. I am not interested in deliberately increasing the diversity of my reading. I am not particularly interested in certain political or global issues. This is perhaps a character flaw; however, I read what I read. I love what I love. I write about what I read or write about what I love.

I am a person of a certain gender. I come from a certain generation. As an English major, I read a certain set of Norton anthologies, which are not the anthologies later generations read, so my internal canon probably differs wildly from yours. That’s how it goes.

I read without a plan. I read what catches my eye or my interests at the time. I read books my friends are written, but all authors I love I consider to be my friends, living or dead.

Full disclosure–I am an affiliate, so anytime you actually click on one of my book links and purchase a book, I get a couple of nickels with no extra charge accruing to you. At least, I think I do. This hasn’t ever actually worked yet.

I am also an arts reviewer on KLCC, NPR for Oregonians.

One of my favorite artists who specializes in art prints with images of books, birds, and little animals is Eileen Sorg. I love her images, and I hope to send people to her site, Two Dog Studios.  There are other products I love and will write about, but I am not an affiliate of any of them–just a friend of the arts saying, “Hey! Look at this cool thing!”


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